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Changing South Africans' perception of Rum

The great white Rum, produced by Cape Of Storms has personified the expression "pleasant surprise". I recently visited the family run distillery situated in Salt River, Cape Town where Mark and Dylan (father & son) live out their passion by carefully crafting and pioneering this authentic white rum.

The first question Mark posted to me was: "What do you think of Rum?". In all honesty, the word "rum" reminds me of my much younger days where the brown colour rum and beer were the only drinks you would take to a party/ gathering. Needless to say that it leaves you with an unpleasant cloud of alcohol over your face, banging hangovers and a lot of guilt. It reminds me of the morning after where you tell yourself: "never will I ever again" or the very familiar saying: "I'm done with alcohol", only to find yourself sitting with the very same flavoured rum the following weekend. I am sure many can relate.

Fast forward to 2019. Cape of Storms launches a very unique rum that contains ZERO SUGAR nor artificial additives, meaning all the pleasure with no guilt (and no hangover).

In the words of the distillers, "The rum industry is about to be taken by storm!". By using a mix of centuries old methods and modern techniques, Cape of Storms created a Rum that is both smooth and full of flavour.

The Distillery

First you get to taste the blackstrap molasses which is an ingredient used in the process. Molasses contains several important nutrients and antioxidants, making it a better option than refined sugar. The rum is fermented using only 4 ingredients; molasses, water, yeast and yeast nutrients. This ferment is then distilled using a big 760L still, affectionately known as “Big Jack” (the big silver tank as seen in the picture). It then undergoes a second distillation in “Little Elaine”, a 100L column still.

Rum Tasting

Just like whisky and brandy are more enjoyed "on the rocks", rum too can be enjoyed on the rocks which allows the palate to savor every flavor. Tasting options include white, spiced and aged rum with your choice of mixer. Dylan suggested that I try the 0% alcohol Ginger Beer with the wooded rum and a sparkling raspberry mix with the white rum. This is where I was pleasantly surprised.

You experience a different kind of magic... Changing your perception of rum with every sip and smiling your way through the intriguing and insightful tasting. Was my perception of rum changed? YES! Would I go back or purchase this product? YES!

To find out more, visit their website on www.capeofstormsdistillery.com or connect via instagram on @capeostorms

Hyperli offers a voucher for 3 Rum Tastings for up to Six Including a Tour of the Distillery at Cape of Storms Distilling Company. https://www.hyperli.com/products/3_rum_tastings_for_up_to_six_including_a_tour_of_the_distillery_at_cape_of_storms_distilling_company

What's the Deal?

3 Rum Tastings for Two Including a Tour of the Distillery – R149 (valued at R240)3 Rum Tastings for Four Including a Tour of the Distillery – R289 (valued at R480)3 Rum Tastings for Six Including a Tour of the Distillery – R419 (valued at R720) 

From me, Justin Uncorked.

Until next time!

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