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Escape the hustle of Cape Town on a Sunday afternoon and take a drive to Groote Post

Expect the unexpected

The historic Groote Post Farm is situated in Darling, an hour's drive from Cape Town and hosts a country market every last Sunday of each month. I was recently invited to join the Pentz family at their Spring Market and decided to brave the inclement weather and took the road to see what the market has on the table(s). The weather unfortunately did not permit Spring flowers to bloom nor the sun to shine its rays... But this doesn't mean we did not exhaust every opportunity there was to explore every little corner of the market.

Being welcomed by friendly faces, green grass, live music and a delicious bottle of Groote Post Dry Rosé, we made our way to the Hamburger stand where you have an option to choose from a variety of juicy, hearty hamburgers. I never thought pairing a hamburger with Dry Rosé would be such a good combination... but it sure was.

Peter and Nick Pentz are the proud masters behind the world-class Groote Post wines and we had the privilege of having a little personal wine tasting on the stray bales - straight from their hands. They ensured that Market goers are comfortable by offering umbrellas and big, soft Groote Post cushions giving them the best Spring picnic experience.

Heading into the Tasting Room where markets boasted with all sorts of items from fresh protea flowers, leather bags to handmade jewelry and homeware. You cannot help but to stop at each stand and start a conversation as you get a personal touch of the items on offer. LOCAL IS LEKKER! (Which reminds me of the hash tag currently trending, #ImStaying where people share their stories/ reasons as to why they are not leaving South Africa and what makes them happy in our beautiful country). Groote Post Vineyards is one of the reasons why #ImStaying.

A wine tasting with a twist

I am smiling as I am typing this! Two highlights for me in the Tasting Room - 1. our hostess and 2. the brave Groote Post Shiraz (and I'll explain why the Shiraz in particular). This was undoubtedly the most memorable wine tasting experience I had. As each glass of wine was poured and tasting notes vividly described, we paired each wine with a song and gave it a gender. From Bubbly Brut Rosé MCC to The very witty, faithful Old Man's Blend and finally, the sneaky Shiraz.

The Groote Post Shiraz is that type of red which makes you want to sing "I wanna dance with somebody... I wanna feel the heat with somebody". Spicey, velvet and smokey. We purchased 2 bottles of her (Shiraz) to share with some friends!

The rest is history.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Groote Post who recently won an FNB Top 10 Sauvignon Blanc Award for their Seasalter!

DON’T MISS GROOTE POST’S OCTOBER COUNTRY MARKET FEATURING THEIR ANNUAL COUNTRY RUN (I will be there... Again)! Head out to Groote Post on Sunday 27th October for a day of family fun and relaxation at their idyllic Country Market nestled in the hills around the beautiful town of Darling. For the fit and active, be there early and take part in Groote Post’s 4th Country Run. What better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a Country Market and a Trail Run? Guests can expect delicious and beautiful country offerings including artisan foods, arts and crafts, homeware, clothing, décor, gifts, jewellery, accessories, toys, fresh produce and more. Local is always lekker at Groote Post, with a divine selection of Darling gourmet produce including: Weskus Worswa, Darling Honey, Burger Fellas, Darling Sweet, Nellies Homemade Pies, the popular Darling Brew and of course Groote Post’s well-loved wines. Look out for popular newcomers to the market such as Sunshine Food Company’s Vegan Stand, Najo's Mexican Street Food and more…

For further information on the Groote Post Country Market, Contact: Mariaan Heyns : +27.224512202 or mariaan@iloveyzer.co.za | Visit: Facebook | Website | Or follow on Twitter.

From me, Justin Uncorked. Until next time!

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