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The new plant-based menu is not just for the vegans & vegetarians - but for those who love an explosion of exotic spicy and colorful meals too

Let me be honest, I am not one who always eat healthy and disappointingly never looked at the "vegan" or "plant-based" section on a menu. Not only because I had this bizarre idea that vegan food was "boring" and expensive, but also because I often go for more meaty meals with a portion of hot chips on the side or rarely, a green salad covered with different cheeses & salad dressing. I am also pretty sure many of us have gone through a phase of trying to give up "junk food" and stick to a certain diet plan and some exciting homemade smoothies, but could not resist the temptation of a delicious burger meal or a quick braai at home. So sadly, after many failed and innumerable attempts of eating healthy and clean, I involuntarily gave up on my very short-lived "summer body" dream and tried to add green mint leaves, red berries, cucumber and slices of lemon to my occasional gin & tonic mixes which I enjoy on a hot summer day (with no hot summer body might I add). Then I get an invitation to try out Balducci's new plant-based menu. Exciting right? But the first thing that popped up in my mind was a green salad... Yes, just a green salad. What do I know about plant-based meals and vegan food? However, I'm always HUNGRY to learn (pun intended) so I was happy to experience something new. First I had to educate myself on veganism and why people go vegan.

Something interesting I found on Google: "A vegan is described as a strict vegetarian who consumes no food such as meat, eggs, or dairy products that comes from animals and abstains from using animal products such as leather. Parental preferences, religious or other beliefs, and health issues are among the most common reasons for choosing to be a vegan/ vegetarian. Many people choose a vegetarian diet out of concern over animal rights or the environment." So let's get to Balducci and the much anticipated plant-based menu! ABOUT BALDUCCI V&A WATERFRONT Balducci specializes in your everyday, simple home-cooked Italian meals that gives definition to being creative, traditional and affordable. The restaurant is also described as "Understated European Elegance" across the globe and have won several awards for its design.

Their emphasis is on providing good quality food that is simple, fresh, filled with passion and served in style. First on the menu - A SELECTION OF VEGAN JUICES

Sherbet Lemon Aide, Carrot Ginger Zinger and Beet Fresh juices

My favorite was the Beet Fresh juice (also because beet root has all kinds of unimaginable health benefits like lower blood pressure, exercise stamina, cancer prevention and the list goes on). BRAVO to the chef for creating such vibrant combinations of fruits & veggies for easy-drinking, fresh vegan juices.

STARTERS Salad in a Jar

Bhajis Plate

Sunshine Plate

(I literally hung myself up on the Bhajis Plate not knowing mains await, but I couldn't help myself because the starters were truly appealing, delicious and refreshing. My fellow blogger and friend Jonell (@simplymissjo) had to stop me at some point, politely reminding me about the mains as she could see I am getting carried away).

MAINS Oh my, 4 Mains to choose from (needless to say that I had all four) *Roasted Tofu & Vegan Satay Sauce Pizza Vegan cheese and tomato base, roasted Tofu and topped with vegan Satay sauce (contains nuts).

*Red Thai Curry Prepared with whole fungus mushroom, tofu, bamboo shoots, cauliflower and broccoli served with basmati rice (MY FAVORITE)

*Vegan Butter Chicken-Style Sauce Curry Paste Prepared with coconut cream with tofu, pumpkin and peas. A spicy traditional curry dish (contains nuts) *Roasted Chilli Paste & Cashew Nut Yellow Noodles Yellow noodles wokked with onion, peppers, spring onion, cashew nuts, garlic and roasted chilli paste in Balducci's stir fry sauce DESSERTS

*Vegan Peanut Butter Blondie Peanut butter brownie served with a scoop of vegan Vanilla ice cream (this vegan ice cream was an ultimate WOW). *Pistachio Raspberry Ice Cream Cake Our friendly waiter just made this entire experience more special! Some of you might ask if I'm vegan now - unfortunately not, but it doesn't mean that I wouldn't treat myself with one of these starters, mains and desserts again (vegan ice cream - YES PLEASE!) Was my faith in my "summer body" dream restored? Sadly no. It takes more than eating healthy and clean right? So I will have to try a little harder, eat smaller portions and get active in a gym some time. Thank goodness for wine (which also happens to be plant-based) 😄 Here's a guarantee - you will not pay anything over R200 for any meal on Balducci's plant-based menu!

NOTE - Balducci does not only have a plant-based menu, but caters for the meat, chicken and seafood lovers too!

RESPECT TO BALDUCCI! Respect to our Vegans! From me, Justin Uncorked. Until next time Disclaimer - all images seen in this blog post are taken by myself. Daily operating times: 12h00-23h00 / Booking advised Children welcome – No prams at night please Major credit cards accepted / No BYO Dress Code: Casual Member of the Slick Restaurant Group Visit www.belthazar.co.za, www.gibsonsburgers.co.za, www.balducciasianbar.co.za Shop 6162 / Victoria Wharf / V&A Waterfront / Cape Town contact@slickrestaurants.com to make a reservation T / (021) 421 6002/3 Slick Restaurant Group (Corporate Office) Granger Bay, Cape Town South Africa. 8001

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